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Old Mission School offers classes in preschool, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten and grades one through eight. Our preschool and extended care programs are fully licensed by the California State Department of Social Services. All teachers are fully certificated by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for the State of California.

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The Old Mission School curriculum supports a policy of total education for its students. Such education embraces basic fundamentals (reading, literature, grammar, writing, mathematics, spelling/vocabulary, science, social studies), moral direction (religion, family life, Christian service), foreign languages, music, art, enrichment programs and physical education, all aimed toward the development of the entire individual. We are a Catholic school committed to spiritual and academic excellence. Our commitment to Catholic values continues to provide students with a positive, moral learning environment.

School wide Learning Expectations


I will know, understand, value and apply the spirit of Jesus in my life.

I can tell the story of Jesus and how He treated others from the gospel stories I learn in my religion lesson and through prayer and worship. I will play and work cooperatively with others and learn how my choices affect other people in the world. I will respect myself and each person in my school community, making kind choices about how I communicate, act, and treat others throughout the day.


I possess a multi-layered academic background that includes core-subject knowledge, rime arts, foreign language, physical and religious education, that is solidly established and ready for application.

I will learn and practice how to write a complete sentence, a strong paragraph, and a well-written essay using correct grammar and punctuation. I will gain knowledge and appreciation of the world's diversity through language acquisition, investigative reporting, and awareness of current events. I will develop an appreciation for reading by choosing to read a variety of literary genre and demonstrating comprehension. After having mastered the four basic mathematical operations, I will explore the realms of math and science through real-life math application, laboratory experience, and cooperative learning opportunities.

Service and Global Awareness

I am a part of a worldwide community, with responsibilities to the well-being of all people, animals, resources, and the environment.

I will participate in service and recycling projects in my class, learning with each project how I am helping improve the well-being of all people, animals, resources, or the environment. I will take an active part in community service through the Families for Families Program on the Nativity campus, our annual St. Vincent de Paul food drive, OMS tithing and Christmas gift program, and Operation Rice Bowl. As a seventh and eighth grader, I will chose my own individual service project and work with my advisor to find a project I feel strongly about, then make a difference to those people, animals, resources, or environment

Critical Thinking and Practical Application

I take responsibility for my own actions, think critically, and apply the problem-solving skills I am learning.

I will learn and apply a variety of conflict management strategies when I have a difficulty with someone else at school. I will understand and accept the consequences of my actions working through my school's behavioral expectations and discipline program. I will use problem solving skills and critical thinking in activities such as science labs, middle school Science Experiment Night, Math Counts, and the enrichment programs.


Old Mission Catholic School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA).

Current Enrollment

Old Mission School currently serves 370 students in preschool through Grade 8.

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