Old Mission School's Nativity Campus offers three early childhood education classes, as well as enrichment classes, and an extended care program.

Early Childhood Education Programs:

We offer two program options: 9am-12:00pm or 9am-5:30pm

"It's true, you never know how good you have it until it's gone. Our daughter attended OMS from PII-3rd grade, then we moved out of state. As we looked to find her the best school available in our new city, we realized all that she had received from OMS. She was part of a loving community where every teacher and staff member knew her, not just the ones she'd been taught by. Academically, she was amazingly far ahead of the students here. And while the teachers and administrators of OMS made sure that she was well taught, they also made it their jobs to help her become a good citizen. It's such a wonderful school, filled with a dedicated and focused staff and families committed to providing the best for their children. We're so pleased we had the opportunity to give her such a solid foundation for her education." (parent review from