Early Education Center Curriculum

Our unique preschool curriculum has been developed by our staff who have blended together a variety of interdisciplinary programs to ensure the developmental needs of the students are met. Over the years, the curriculum has evolved and been updated to include the Califonia Preschool Foundations and Frameworks. The preschool instructional program has always consistently emphasized early literacy, creative thinking, and hands-on learning. Most recently STEM activities have been infused into the daily program with the purpose of supporting the children’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

The spacious classrooms include a variety of learning stations appropriate for each age level. For instance, in the Preschool I classroom you will find easels, an interactive sensory table, and several play centers. In the Preschool II classroom you will find learning stations designed to develop the children’s fine and gross motor skills. The Transitional Kindergarten classroom includes a variety of learning stations as well as a technology station. Each preschool room has a classroom library available to the students.

The children who attend the preschool programs have a large outdoor space that offers them a variety free-play activities. The students have their choice of participating in games, creative play in the large sand area, riding toys on the paved area, enjoying the developmentally appropriate play structure, and/or using the tables for arts and crafts activities.

Most importantly, the OMS Early Education Center curriculum is delivered in a loving and caring environment with Catholic values interwoven throughout the children’s daily learning experiences.