Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift is located at 2640 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo. It is staffed by a manager and paid staff, as well as volunteers; it provides valuable financial support for Old Mission School and a needed service for the community. Check out their Facebook page.

Families will be required to complete their Thrift Store hours during an assigned two month period (see below). The schedule was created to ensure a steady supply of help for the store throughout the school year. Payment for incomplete Thrift Store hours will be due at the end of each assigned period.

*Parent Service Hours/Thrift Store Assignments If your oldest child is enrolled in*

Grade 7 or 8: May-September

Grade 5 or 6: October-November

Grade 3 or 4: December-January

Kindergarten, TK, Pre 1, Pre 2: February-March

Grade 1 or 2: February-March