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Schoolwide Learning Expectations


I know and live the spirit of Jesus.

  • I can tell the story of Jesus and how he directs us to treat others.
  • I play and work cooperatively with others and realize how my choices affect those around me.
  • I respect myself and each person in my school community as demonstrated by how I speak and behave throughout each day.
  • I am able to apply a variety of conflict-management strategies when I am having difficulty with another.


I am a self-directed learner and strive for personal excellence.

I am proficient in writing a complete sentence, strong paragraph, and well-written essay employing correct grammar and punctuation.
I have an appreciation of the world’s diversity through language acquisition, investigative reporting, and an awareness of current events.
I have an appreciation for reading by choosing to read a variety of literary genre with demonstrated comprehension.
I have mastered the basic mathematical operations and explore the realms of science and math through real-life application, laboratory experiences, and cooperative-learning opportunities.
I apply my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills to a variety of scholastic endeavors.

Global Awareness

I serve the local and global community with honor and dignity.

  • I will participate in service and recycling projects, recognizing my responsibility for the wellbeing of all Earth’s people, animals, and resources.
  • I will demonstrate my involvement in community service by actively participating in a variety of service projects.