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Tuition/Rates & Fees

Thank you for your interest in Old Mission School

As of August 2021, we are still accepting applications for TK, 2nd, 7th, and 8th grade for the 2021-2022 academic year. You may complete an application to reserve a spot on our waitlist should a spot become available in other grade levels.

We are taking applications for future academic years.

Early Education Center TK 2021-2022

Tuition Rate for Half Day $6,137.00
Full Day $6,564.00
Second Child rate Full Day $6,137.00
Instructional Materials Fee $100.00
  • TK families may choose between 5 half days or 5 full days.
  • Drop-off will start at 7:45 AM. Instruction begins at 8:00 AM.
  • Half-day and full-day rates include daily drop-off hours of 7:45 AM through 8:00 AM.
  • Half-day pick up is at 12:15 PM, Full day pick up is at 2:30 PM

Kindergarten - 8th Grade 2021-2022

REGISTRATION (Returning) $275 by March 1
$325 March 2 - June 1
$375 after June 2
*TUITION* $6,564
2nd Child Tuition $6,137
Semi-Annual Tuition $3,282.00
$3,068.50, 2nd child
(10) Monthly Payments $656.40
$613.70, 2nd child
Textbook & Instructional Materials Fee Grades K-5: $200
Grades 6-8: $300
Technology Fee Grades K: $50
Grades 1-8: $100
Returning Grades 7-8: $150 per original agreement
Chromebook Device Fee for all 6th and all New 7th & 8th Grade Students $300

FACTS Tuition:

FACTS Tuition Management is a company used to manage tuition payments. A $20/50 processing fee is added to the first tuition payment.

Other Fees:

Parent Service Hours: Each family is required to do 10 parent service hours on campus, in the classrooms, and/or through school fundraisers.

Thrift Store Hours: Each OMS family is required to volunteer 15 hours at Mission Thrift (Families with their oldest child enrolled at the Early Education Center are required to volunteer 10 hours). A family can opt of out this option by adding $300 ($200 for Early Education Center students) to the total cost of tuition. Volunteer hours at Mission Thrift must be completed by a family member over the age of 21.

Tuition Assistance

All families are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. To apply, the family must complete the financial assistance application (available online here) and have paid the registration fee. FACTS reviews all applications and provides OMS with an eligibility assessment. The application deadline is April 30. Families are notified regarding their financial assistance in late May and early June.