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Mission Thrift Store

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Mission Thrift is located at 2958 S Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo. It is staffed by a manager and paid staff, as well as volunteers; it provides valuable financial support for Old Mission School and a needed service for the community.

Phone: 805-548-2660

Families whose oldest child is at the EEC are required to work a total of 10 hours at the thrift store. Families with the oldest child at the main campus are required to work a total of 15 hours. The hours can be worked at anytime during the school year and will be billed in May. Hours may only be worked by the parents or an immediate family member over the age of 21. To schedule your hours please call the thrift store. Be sure to complete the log book at the thrift store when you are finished volunteering so that the school bookkeeper can credit your family for those hours.