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Parent Club

Meeting Minutes

Dear OMS families,

Parent Club is a group of parents who come together once a month, working together for the benefit of the school, building a community spirit among the parents. One of our most important duties is to oversee and delegate the funds that are raised throughout the year by our various school fundraisers. Your commitment would be to join us for our monthly meetings as well as participate in fundraisers so that we can continue to build a GREAT school for our students and families.

Some important things to know about Parent Club:

  • All families are invited to participate and attend monthly meetings.
  • - Volunteer hours are earned by committing to be a classroom rep.

  • Each class will be represented by two delegates. You can volunteer here for a position in your grade.
  • - As a rep you do your best to attend all meetings and participate in the various fundraisers.
    - You are the liaison between parent club and your classes, so communicating what we discuss to the parents is very important!

    These are the dates appointed for next year. We are planning to meet every 2nd Thursday of the month from 1pm-2pm at the Parish Hall. Please make a note on your calendar:

    September 12th
    October 10th
    November 14th
    January 9th
    February 13th
    March 19th (subject to change due to school calendar)
    April 2nd (subject to change due to school calendar)
    May 14th

    If you have any questions regarding Parent Club or would like more clarification please feel free to reach out to me! I look forward to working with many of you, as WE continue to make our school great!

    Julie Watts
    Parent Club President