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Our Path

For more than 140 years, Old Mission School has provided a safe, nurturing Catholic education to families. In an effort to continue to strive for excellence in education, creating a STEM based curriculum and project-based learning environment is the next logical step. This will not only allow OMS to remain competitive, but also increase our recognition and perceived value in the community.

OMS seeks to implement an inclusive, blended STEM education that is consistent with our Catholic values. We believe that a blended STEM pedagogy will add to the students’ academic growth and enhance much desired technical skills, so as to better prepare them for the increasing demand towards STEM careers.

Working with Los Angeles based expert, Dr. Anita Kreide, our goal over the next three to five years is to provide our teachers with continued support, time to plan, and material resources needed to create a blended STEM environment for our students. Gradual transition from a traditional classroom to a STEM classroom takes time to implement correctly. OMS wants to ensure its teachers and students are fully supported in the process. OMS will continue to fund this initiative through our Blue & Gold Annual Fundraiser in order to support the growth of STEM and technology. We firmly believe this will increase students’ academic capacity, higher order thinking skills, and will encourage them to consider lucrative and plentiful STEM careers.

Three-Five Year Plan

Introduction: School year 2018-2019

  • Share vision and plan with parents by Fall 2018, improve parent’s understanding of blended STEM education
  • Begin utilizing STEMScopes and Wonders as part of blended STEM curriculum, create more hands-on STEM learning experiences across all grade levels
  • Hold 2 interactive STEM nights- Fall 2018 & Spring 2019, to be continued yearly
  • Present academic vision and goals (on OMS website Curriculum page), improve parent knowledge of OMS’ educational model

Previous Milestones: School year 2019-2020

  • Continue to survey, analyze, and refine plan; communicate updates
  • Communicate the year’s vision at Back to School Night
  • Monitor test scores & assessments for student academic growth
  • Continue to generate lesson plans utilizing STEMScopes and Wonders, increase STEM activities inside & outside of the classroom, increase hands-on learning experiences
  • Hold first STEM Fair by May 2020
  • Contract with Envision to begin development of what OMS graduate looks like
  • Begin Project Based Learning Fridays for all grade levels
  • Students are now able to make real world connections

Latest Goals: School years 2020-2021 & 2021-2022

  • Continue to analyze and refine plan; communicate updates
  • Communicate the vision at Back to School Night
  • Fully implement blended STEM curriculum by 2020-2021
  • Begin Project Based Learning Fridays for all grade levels Fall 2020
  • Continue use of selected online programs
  • Complete vision of OMS graduate by Fall 2021

Ongoing Efforts

  • Continue to provide teachers with the professional development and support
  • Continue to purchase and supply new materials, kits, & STEM related programs for all grade levels
  • Continue to maintain and upgrade all technology at OMS
  • Continue to research and organize grade level appropriate guest speakers, fieldtrips, and real world STEM examples
  • Continue to fund this program through our Blue & Gold Annual fundraiser and possible grants