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Below are the answers to many of the questions and ideas that were submitted by parents who attended our STEM Visioning Night on May 29

What is the potential timeline and process for integration?

Please visit Our Path to get the scope of our 3-5 year plan that was started late spring of 2018.

What will the cost be?

The cost will vary from year to year based on the needs of that year’s implementation plan (see Our Path). The majority of our funding will come directly from our Blue & Gold Annual Fundraiser. A “wish list”, including costs is submitted to the Parents Club each year prior to the Blue & Gold Fundraiser to determine how much we really need to raise for the following year and exactly what it will be going towards. We also have supplemental funding for teacher enrichment and training through San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

What is STEM replacing or enhancing?

Adding STEM based learning to the OMS curriculum will not replace anything. It will enhance the teacher/student experience by allowing a more interactive process and problem based learning focus.

Will our kids see a benefit? What are the benefits now vs. later?

According to Wired, STEM based learning increases students’ academic capacity and higher order thinking. Not only will we see a higher level of thinking now, but this type of learning will better help prepare our kids for the future and employment opportunities.

Who is the lead teacher or coach?

Right now, we have 3 leaders: Lyndsey Weisenberg (6th-8th science), Tess Barket (1st grade teacher), and Brittany Enamorado (4th grade teacher). All three of these teachers sit on the OMS STEM Committee and have shown a vested interest in incorporating project based learning at OMS.

Chromebook use

We are happy to say that grades 1-5 all have dedicated chormebook carts in each classroom. Students use chromebooks 1 to 1 throughout the school day. Grades 6-8 are assigned a chromebook for the year and use them throughout the school day as well as in the evening for homework, papers, and research.

What do the teachers think?

Our teachers and staff are extremely excited to be moving down this path. They feel that a STEM education is the best thing for our students and they are looking forward to providing that to them.

When will curriculum be shared with parents?

Parents can view OMS’ overall curriculum on our Curriculum page. This page is new and will be updated as the teachers work to fine tune their teaching strategy. That being said, the mapping is subject to change throughout the year as teachers work to add STEM projects and incorporate multiple subjects into one lesson.

Will each grade have a project to show?

Each grade level will have ongoing projects each year across multiple curriculum.

What does OMS need from parents?

The teachers really just need general support from the parents; whether it be volunteering to help with projects, offering real world STEM experiences, or offering ideas that will enhance the learning experience.

Will there be team based projects or buddy projects (littles with bigs)?

Yes, we fully plan to incorporate team based projects, hopefully an elective or after school program for Middle School, and possibly buddy projects where older students will work together with younger students to achieve a goal

Will there be training for teachers?

Yes. We have amazing teachers at OMS and most of them have already been implementing a hands on approach with projects and learning. We have begun to implement STEMScopes and Wonders this year and teachers have had training on both programs. OMS will continue to provide teacher support and training throughout this process through Blue & Gold funding and Title II funding from our local school district. This is possibly the most important key to our success in implementing project based learning and STEM at OMS; making sure the teachers are fully supported and have all the supplies they need to execute.